Calpurnia in 'to Kill a Mockingbird'

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Comment on the character of Calpurnia in ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ As a whole the character of Calpurnia is important as she acts as a mother figure within the household. She looks after Scout and Jem and she loves them as they love her. She also is firm but kind with them and teaches them right from wrong, when one of the Cunninghams came around for dinner after being invited around by Jem, Scout is rude and makes comments about his large helpings. Cal is furious at her and takes her into the kitchen and shouts at Scout “that boy is yo’ company and if he wants to eat up the table cloth you let him, you hear me?” Reluctantly Scout agrees and comes to terms with the situation. Cal then makes Scout finish her dinner in the kitchen. It is clear that Cal is more than just a housekeeper in the Finches’ household. Calpurnia is also a proud black woman, this is an important point as one of the main themes in the book is racism. Having a black housekeeper who acts so loving towards Jem and Scout lets them grow up without having racist views, they have lived with Cal all their lives which gives them a small insight into the black community understanding that the only difference between black people and white people is the colour of their skin. Calpurnia plays an important role when Jem begins to mature very quickly, she explains to Scout what is happening to him and tells her why he doesn’t want to play any more. Scout becomes closer to Cal during this time as she goes and sits in the kitchen with her when she is bored and Cal tries her best to find something to entertain her. When Atticus is away he trusts Calpurnia to take care of his two children, showing the children, whether or not they realise it, that what white people say about black people being untrustworthy is not necessarily true as Atticus would trust Cal with his life. She takes them to her church
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