Do What Makes You Happy Chris Mccandless Analysis

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Dylan Summers “Do What Makes You Happy” A Soul Searcher is defined as someone who leaves every aspect of their former life behind to go on a spiritual journey to discover, or rediscover, something that they were missing. Chris McCandless went into the wild to find his true self, and that is exactly what he did. Throughout his journey, McCandless met many people. Most of which would agree that Chris was an amiable, altruistic young man. Even though Chris was rather unprepared to go into the wild, he had a sense of confidence about him that seemed impenetrable. He never really asked anyone for anything, and when people did offer him things he felt a sense of guilt. In Chapter One Chris meets Jim Gallien, who offers Chris his old boots and some food. Chris takes them but offers Gallien his watch and the measly eighty-five cents he had in loose change, saying “I don’t want to know what time it is. I don’t want to know what day it is or where I am. None of that matters”(7). McCandless…show more content…
There have been many people who have travelled into the Alaskan wilderness and not survived. So what makes McCandless different? He went into the wild with a purpose. The purpose was finding out who he really was and figuring out the meaning of his own life. It is easy to say that he is a jerk because he made his family upset, but where is the evidence saying that he did it on purpose? Chris was a selfless person his whole life. This is proved when Eric Hathaway said, “So he spent the then bucks on a big bag of hamburgers, and we drove around handing them out to smelly guys sleeping on grates. It was the weirdest Friday night of my life. But Chris did that kind of thing a lot”(116). His family’s dismay was merely a bi-product of his journey. We have all wanted to escape our lives during some point, and that’s exactly what Chris did. He has taught everyone who read the book a priceless lesson; Do what makes you
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