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Running Head: OLD TESTAMENT OVERVIEW Old Testament Overview Alfonso Cepeda Grand Canyon University BIB113 1 November 2009 Old Testament Overview Historical records have been kept since the creation of men into the world; it is because of these records that we have an understanding of the events that occurred during such times. During biblical times, it was imperative that the leader keep a record of the genealogy, with the purpose to serve as guidance to future generations. It is because of these recordings that our world history started shaping. The first era of the Old Testament began with the creation of men, in the image of God (Gen 1–2 New International Version). God gives Adam and Eve and gave them the commandment…show more content…
This is the period when Neo-Babylonian Empire Ruled the World, whoever, there was a calamity in Jerusalem and Solomon's Temple since their Temples were destroyed by the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar. Nonetheless, in 562BC, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon dies. A year after his death, in India the founder of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha, is born. The death of King Nebuchadnezzar caused a fall in the Babylon Empire, since it was overthrown by Cyrus of Persian in 539 BC. The death of the Babylon king cause the first Jewish exiles to return to return to Jerusalem and in 515 BC, a new temple was completed in Jerusalem. On the other hand, things were very different in Greece, Rome, and other nations, since in Greece, they were opening the first public library in Athens in 520 BC, and in 509 BC Rome became a nation. In 500 BC the first Halloween festival is being held in Celtic; a great accomplishment for the Indian surgeon, Susrata, who was performing a cataract operation. As you can see the dilemmas were very different between Babylonians and Jewish, since Greek men were worrying about choosing short…show more content…
At some stage, Socrates, the great philosopher of the ancient world, is born. The Golden Age in Athens, Greece begins and this will bring the great monuments, art, philosophy, architecture and literature in the ancient world. In this era the 60 ft. sculptor of Zeus, is build and becomes on e of the seven wonders if the ancient world. Jerusalem, does not want to stay behind and Nehemiah builds Jerusalem wall, in 445 BC. It is during this era that Malachi becomes a prophet and then the Jewish language, the Hebrew is being replaced by Aramaic in 390 BC. The Golden Age, had many great philosophers, but one of them, Socrates, was unfortunately condemned to death by the Athenian jury. Nonetheless, a new great philosopher is being born in 384 BC, Aristotle; and Plato writes his most famous book, The Republic, in 370 BC. The Persian empire has a defeat, by Alexander the Great, in 330 BC. Then a great accomplishment is being made by the Romans, when they build the first paved road, the “Appian Way” going from Rome to

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