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ic and men study notes ‘OF MICE AND MEN’- CHAPTER 1 – Revision Homework 1 Use quotes to back up your answers 1. What are your first impressions of George and Lennie? 2. Find three examples which suggest Lennie has the mind of a child? 3. How does the writer convey the impression that George can get easily annoyed with Lennie? 4. Why did George and Lennie leave their last place of employment? 5. How can we tell that George feels responsible for Lennie? 6. Why does George instruct Lennie to familiarise himself with the clearing they are staying in? 7. What are George and Lennie’s hopes for the future and how do these reflect the American dream? 8. How can we see evidence of the theme of loyalty and friendship in the opening of the novel? ‘OF MICE AND MEN’- CHAPTER 2 – Revision Homework 2 1. Find evidence to suggest that Lennie relies heavily on George. 2. Why is George in such a bad mood at the opening of the chapter? 3. How can you see evidence of racial prejudice in Chapter 2? ( p40 &41) 4. Why is the boss short tempered with George and Lennie? 5. Why is the boss suspicious of George and what does this tell us about the context of the time? 6. Why is George angry with Lennie after the conversation with the boss? 7. What is your first impression of Curley? 8. Why does George take an instant dislike to Curley? 9. How is Curley’s wife introduced by the Old Swamper and why might this worry George? 15 10. What are your first impressions of Carlson and Slim and why is George interested in them? ‘OF MICE & MEN’- CHAPTER 3 – Revision Homework 3 Use quotes to back up your answers 1. How can we tell that George is proud of Lennie in the opening pages of the chapter? 2. How does George describe his early relationship with Lennie and why do you think he decided to look after Lennie? 3. Why

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