AS Psychology: Leading Questions

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AS- Psychology - Assignment 2 1) Outline what is meant by a leading question and give two examples of leading questions. (4 marks) A leading question is phased in such a way as to prompt a particular kind of answer. Examples “What colour was the man’s hat?” “How fast was the car going?” 2) Charlie has been given a shopping list by his mother. He tries to use a memory strategy in order to learn the list. Outline a suitable memory strategy that Charlie can use to remember the items on the shopping list. (4 marks) Charlie could use visual mnemonics. Verbal mnemonics is a verbal or visual aid to help you remember something. A verbal mnemonic is when you combine the first letters into a single “word” or phrase, for example…show more content…
Misleading information is one factor, explain how two other factors affect EWT.(6 marks) 1. People often have poor memories for accidents or criminal incidents. They do not register the information in the first place. There memory is then often distorted and they fill the gaps in their memory with preconceptions. 2. Anxiety is another influence to EWT. For example Christianson and Hubinette reported that in real life incidents involving high levels of stress, memory can be accurate, detailed and long lasting which is good but there was a test done by Loftus. In the test participants where in a lab where they thought they were going to be discussing things when a man with greasy hands and a pen came in, they heard a hostile discussion, followed by the sound of breaking class and overturned furniture. A man then emerged from the laboratory holding a knife covered in blood. Participants where then given 50 photos and asked to identify the man who came out of the laboratory. People who had witnessed the peaceful scene were more accurate at recognizing the man with the pen that the witnesses who seen the man with the blood stained knife as he weapon took away the focus of the man’s
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