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Name/Period: ____________________________ Of Mice and Men Mini Essay Assignments Investigating, Decoding, and Bringing Meaning to the Text • Be prepared to share these essays aloud in class. • ALL mini essays will be handed in, prepared to be graded. I will select TWO essays to be graded for 15 points each, for a total of 30 points for your mini essays. Requirements for your mini essays: 1) Select a significant or meaningful quote or related quotes from the assigned chapter(s) to compose a reflective commentary. 2) Paragraph length must be 8-10 sentences, double spaced, one inch margins, 12pt font 3) Provide a centered title that brings insight into your essay. a. Place an epigraph beneath…show more content…
(Consider this your final punch at the end of your mini-essay to emphasize your purpose and relevance.) 11) Proofread! Proofread! Proofread! Of Mice and Men: Mini-Essay Topics Chapter 1 – 2 (Select ONE essay to answer for tomorrow, October 1st.) 1. George and Lennie are obviously committed to each other, yet they often criticize each other or threaten to leave. Examine the negative aspects of this relationship, and then consider why they stay together in spite of all of this. Contrast the language of each, their threats and complaints, with what they really feel. What is it that so strongly binds these two together? 2. Write a character profile of Lennie and George. In addition to describing their physical characteristics, focus on their personalities, their hopes, and their dreams. How is each character different, and how do they complement each other? 3. It seems very unusual for two people in this work, which presents the reader a real slice of life, to have established companions. Consider the pairs presented in this chapter: George and Lennie, Curley and his wife, Candy and his dog. Choose a relationship and discuss the relationship. What is the basis for the relationship? What are the positive and negative…show more content…
After Candy has brought George to the barn to show him Curley’s wife, George leaves and Candy cries. What is the true source of Candy’s sadness and why? Compare the killing of Curley’s wife to the night Candy’s old dog was shot and killed by Carlson. 2. Death is the beginning and the culminating event in the chapter, but the killing of Curley’s wife is regarded with a lack of emotion by the characters, even less than the killing of the puppy or the shooting of Candy’s dog earlier in the book. Why do you think this is so? Why is the moral issue of her murder, the question of right and wrong, never really an issue when Curley’s wife’s body is discovered by the men? Chapter 6 (Select one essay. Due Monday, October 11th) 1. When George commits his act in Chapter 6, is this a sign of the strength of his love or the weakness of his love for Lennie? Has he finally followed through on the threat to abandon Lennie? Why does he do this in the middle of their imagining the farm one last time? 2. ________ is a crime, in some states punishable by death. By all definitions, George plans and carries out the ________ of his best friend. But there seems to be no concern for taking a human life. Why do you think this is so? When, if anytime, do you think it would be

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