Of Mice And Men Relationship Essay

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Of Mice and Men In the novel Of Mice and Men, the author, John Steinbeck, shows very similar relationships and how important one person, or animal, can be in a man's life. The novel takes place in the era of "The Hungry Thirties" in California and shows the migrations of the many people from Oklahoma. The two main characters in the book, George and Lennie, who have a different kind of relationship than most people because Lennie is mentally ill and George looks after him as though a father or brother, a result of the death of Lennie's aunt. The two men make their way to a new job and met many interesting people such as Candy who also has a special relationship with his old dog that is similar to the one of Lennie and George. The relationship of Candy and his dog foreshadows the end of the novel, both George and Candy feel guilty for what they have done and George is stronger than Candy is in these circumstances. First of all, the relationship of Candy and his old dog are similar to that of George and Lennie because in both pairs of friendship there is one weak link that is basically useless; Lennie and the dog. Although neither one causes harm on purpose both end up…show more content…
The relationship of Candy and his dog is parallel to that of Lennie and George and foreshadows the events that will occur in the end. Both men, George and Candy, feel guilty for their choice but in the end they know what they did was the right thing to do and to help their friend in the best way possible. The author also shows the true inner strength George holds within himself when he kills his best friend out of love. This novel shows how strong between two people can be and how true strength is within and is shown at the time of need and not shown off but instead sometimes surprising the person themselves when it becomes the only choice they have
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