Comparison Essay: the Secret Sharer and Invisible Man

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Comparison Essay Although the captain from "The Secret Sharer" and the invisible man from Invisible Man are very different, they also share any characteristics. One such characteristic is the fact that both characters feel very much alone in their respective settings. Another similarity is that both characters are relatively quick to forgive people; they both can put themselves in others shoes with ease. The most peculiar way in which they are related is their overall strangeness and unconventional way of doing things. These are all observed in their own changing elements and the ways in which they handle them are mirror-like. In "The Secret Sharer," before meeting Leggatt , the captain felt very alone. It was as if there were none that could relate to him aboard the ship, and acted as if he would never connect to anyone there on a personal level. The invisible man had similar feelings. He secluded himself from society knowing that few people could relate to him, and certainly not anyone "visible". These two examples show distinct similarities in the lonesomeness felt by both characters. The two characters' levels of forgiveness are key points in both readings. In the secret sharer, the captain would easily see the perspective of Leggatt and quickly forgive him for committing one of the heinous crimes known to man: murder. This is a major part of the story and his speedy thought process in forgiving him is a major character building point. In Invisible Man, the main character nearly beats and stabs a man to death for the man bumping into him, calling him a vulgar name, then not apologizing. Slowly, the invisible man realizes the err of his ways and acknowledges the fact that the stranger may not have actually seen him. He then lets the man go without hard feelings on his part. These examples both establish a sense of forgiveness in the two main characters.

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