Outsiders Theme Essay

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Ali Assi Mr. Mee November 12, 2012 Outsiders Essay: Theme By reading the Outsiders I now know the true meaning and the importance of friends and family. This represents the gang’s, The Greasers, what they would care about the most in their poor and difficult life. I believe SE Hinton is addressing friendship and family most clearly. She shows us how sometimes a true friend becomes family, she is demonstrating the way Ponyboy Curtis, the main character, and the rest of his gang treats each other as brothers even though they are truly not. Dally can be mainly terrible and a bad person around no matter what situation it is, but deep inside he is the complete opposite and he will be most loyal to his friends. “Johnny was the gangs pet and Dally couldn’t hit him.” Dally proves he is tough, mean and bad by hitting everyone but he can’t hit Johnny so he treats him differently because he loves him and cares about him and he shows that by always giving him attention and helping him get out of trouble. If it weren’t for him Johnny would be in loads of trouble. Dally expresses his love to Johnny by treating him different than the rest and Dally caring about someone doesn’t match his status, but love in your friends and family can bring out the real you. Johnny is getting beat up at home. He wakes up in the morning everyday full of bruises and goes to his gang where he is treated as a brother and he would experience what a family is. ”If it hadn’t been for the gang, Johnny would never have known what love and affection are.” The gang were affectionate they stood by each others side when needed help such as when Johnny was in the hospital they visited him to check on how he was doing. At that point Johnny understood that your friends help you through tough moments and sometimes takes up the role of being your family. Ponyboy respects Dally because he is smart, the
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