Oceania Society Compared To Usa Society?

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Oceania and USA Society Analyzed George Orwell’s fictional dystopia, Oceania, was the setting of his novel Nineteen Eight-Four. As its government was totalitarian and ruled by the dictatorship of Big Brother, the dissimilarity of its society is already assumed to be drastic compared to our federal constitutional republic government. In the following text I will compare the society of Oceania to our modern-day society of the United States of America. Big Brother’s corrupt system of de-humanizing mankind is an unthinkable and terrifying idea to any citizen who is accustomed to living in the USA. The USA’s citizens are entitled to their right to vote. The citizens determine their president as well as other members of their government. Oceania’s totalitarian government gives its people no right to determine who runs their country. Big Brother is the dictator; interestingly it is unclear whether Big Brother was even still alive or was ever alive at all. Unlike Big Brother the USA see’s their president quite often giving speeches and making public appearances in the flesh, as well as in the media. Big Brother was an icon for the Oceanian citizens. The president is also a sort-of icon in the USA. Though the president has the highest authority there are still many “behind the curtain” government workers that keep this country running. Although the similarity between the two is slim, the president is a real and very important person in the USA. Big Brother in Oceania was presumably a made-up figure. He was not one person; he was many people running the government. If an Oceania did anything that did not benefit Big Brother’s system they would be annihilated sooner or later as a result. Love, Happiness, and Pleasure was forbidden within the society. In the USA our duty is to be productive members of society while experiencing and enjoying our lives however we please.
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