The President Is The Most Powerful Person In The U

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The President is the most powerful person in the USA – Discuss Throughout the history of the USA, power has shifted from the people and the states towards the Federal Government. The power of the US president is far greater today than the Constitution originally intended. The Constitution identifies the main role of the president in national security; specifically, to defend the US from all foreign threats. As a result the President has enormous power in regards to Foreign affairs. Although only Congress can declare war, the President has the power to authorise the force of troops for a 90 day period without Congressional approval. However, the separation of powers and “checks and balances” limits the Presidents power which is held in back by both the Congress and the Supreme Court. For example, the President proposes changes in the law but it is the Congress that must pass them. Also, any law passed by the Congress by congress and signed by the President may be declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. As Commander-in-Chief the President is undoubtedly the most powerful person in the USA in regards to foreign affairs. Although only Congress has the power to declare war, the President has the power to order the use of troop’s overseas. In the 125 Military engagements in US History, Congress only officially declared war 5 times. The White House is still fighting the war in Iraq under an authorisation to remove (the long dead) Saddam Hussein. This shows that it is much easier for the President to use military force than what the Constitution declares. Similar examples of the President using his power to avoid the law, has been the use of water boarding. Although water boarding has been declared as torture by many in the military, senior Government and CIA officials have said it is in fact enhanced interrogation. They also argue that since it has been
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