The Founding Fathers Of The Usa Were All Liberals

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The Founding Fathers of the USA were all liberals. That's why they launched a revolution to overthrown the rule of a long-standing monarchy. They also set up the constitutional separation of church and state, which was the ultimate in liberalism. This was the first time in the history of the human race that a major government had no official religion and permitted everyone to worship and believe as they wished, or not even worship at all. The Founders set up a system of government in which even the "little" people, the "losers" of society, get to have a voice in what laws are passed and what wars are launched. Such "power to the people" is the very definition of liberalism--it was unthinkable everywhere else in the world at the time. The Latin root of the word "liberal" just means freedom and liberty. The Founding Fathers wanted maximum freedom and liberty for Americans (except for African-Americans and Native Americans). All the jobs created by General George Washington and President George Washington, and President Jefferson, and the other Founders were government jobs such as the ones listed in the Question. Washington and Jefferson didn't create private sector jobs since they were both Southerners who held innocent men and women in captivity and forced them to work for no money. But then something funny happened that Washington and Jefferson never imagined: the Industrial Revolution, and the rise of the mega cities. So, by the time you get to President Theodore Roosevelt, most of the American people--including President Theodore Roosevelt (who was a Republican)--realized that the freedom and liberty of big corporations had to be limited. Big corporations were concentrating way too much wealth and political power into the hands of a very few Americans. They were in essence nullifying democracy in all of its senses. Later, during the
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