Wag the Dog

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Wag the Dog (1)The metaphor of “wag the dog” is the tail wag the dog. Usually the dog is smarter than its tail. Here is meaning of the tail is media and the dog is society. If the tail were smarter it would wag the dog. (2)Robert DeNiro is Mr. Fix-it. His character deals with the media for the President and making sure everything looks good to the public. (3) The producer has more power than the president. There is one scene when the producer puts the president on hold, meaning that he was in charge the “BIG” guy. (5) The producer. There is invisible the president throughout the film, and the producer has more say entirely. (6) The media is very powerful in the America. It affects American politics and People’s life. American does trust and believes what they have seen on TV or Media. (7) The Media is never shown the actual war and just produced the message to the people. The media used as manipulating the situation into different direction. (8) The producer to over the president’s place and put him on hold. The producer had cover all president’ works so that people was attention to the other important media messages. (9) American politics has depends on its media assassination. The film was explained that how American politics can move to different direction if media can used as their sword. Just 11 days before the election, and the president has a problem. Make that a major problem. An adolescent girl has accused him of sexual misconduct. Right in the Oval Office, Conrad Brean (Robert De Nero), spin doctor extraordinaire; Early in Wag the Dog, he comes up with a plan to distract the American public from the scandal by fabricating a war with Albania. American politics is versatile and make publicly demonstrated their traditional prestige. (10) The news media portrayed poorly. Many times Media made news for politics, society or other issues to viewer’s
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