Nvq 3 206 Unit 2 Essay

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Unit No 206. Understanding working relationships in health and social care. Outcome 1. 1.1 Working relationships are formed during a person’s normal employment, effective working relationships are important to the working staff and company for whom they work, a company/business will use various techniques to improve relationships and output in colleagues by bonding them together into an efficient working team. This requires a good communication procedure and skill set in both directions from the highest manager to the lowest worker in both directions, giving recognition of the value of work undertaken and the significance that it has to the growth and stature of the company/business can never be under estimated as it is the basis for both good working relationships and job satisfaction. A working relationship also differs in the fact that it has specific objectives and purposes, and that you form this relationship within the boundaries of your employers policies and procedures, taking into account any professional codes of conduct and time restrictions that apply, you also need to understand that in most cases that this in general will be a one way relationship with most care users, on occasions some working relationships do stray over these barriers and boundaries into friendships. In working relationships there are clear laid out reasons as to why you are involved with particular colleagues these are normally in your job description or user support plan, in a working relationship you are in a relationship because that is what is required as part of your job. Although we may spend a lot more time with our work colleagues, than with our family or friends we share little or no information with them about our personal lives, Personnel relationships are made up of family and friends of our own choosing, be they long or short term, social or
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