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Trevor McNabb 11/19/12 8-3 Science From doing the nutrition project, I learned many things. I learned how many calories I should be consuming each day and what most of those calories should be. I also learned how much of what food group I should be consuming and what those foods were. I found out how much physical activity I should be getting each day and what activity levels there are. I think that it is important to take a look and keep track of what you eat because it could help you lead a more healthy diet. If you see all of the bad things that you are eating and you realize that you should eat a more healthful diet, then keeping track of what you eat could help you do that. I think that I was asked to keep track of…show more content…
After I had finished the project, I went back and perused through the website and the amount of information was mind boggling. I learned about what kinds of foods I should be eating and what amounts of those foods I should be consuming. I especially liked the worksheet. I thought it was so easy to keep track of what you were eating with the tools on that website. My three day diet and exercise log were pretty close to what the government’s site recommended. Since my mom is a holistic health coach and is going back to school again to study to be a nutritionist, I have a pretty healthy lifestyle as far as eating is concerned. I do, however need to get a bit more physical activity than what I am getting now. I think that I will make some changes to my lifestyle after having completed this project. I will definitely get more that 60 minutes of physical activity each day. I do not think that I need to make any changes to my diet other that try to keep eating the same things that I eat now. I do plan on, however doing this project weekly. I would like to start keeping track of my daily food consumption and activity level and making calculations as I did on this project. Doing this project has definitely given me a better view at what I am eating on a daily basis, what kind of physical activity that I am getting and the necessary changes that I need to

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