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My hero’s journey is my journey when I lost over 150lbs. I encounter many challenges along the way that helped me identify my strengths and weakness. My journey took me approximately a year and half to accomplish. I wanted to loss the weight for a particular job overseas general contractor for the military. I was too overweight and was declined. This was my breaking point and started on my journey. About 8 months after I started my body change, I hit my goal and my BMI was low enough to do the job, but I didn’t stop there. I went on to enlist in the Army and wanted to lose the most weight I could and be in the best shape of my life before going into basic training. Along the way I was hit by many physical and mental challenges. The biggest…show more content…
My wife wanted to lose weight at the same time but didn’t have the same will power or determination as I did. She would continue to eat fast food on a daily basis right beside me, so it tested my will power to the max. I learned that I have a great deal of self discipline and determination. Instead of torturing myself I would give myself a one day cheat day. Even on my non-cheat days I learned to research the nutritional facts about fast foods before going to the restaurants so I would be able to keep track of my calories do I didn’t ruin my day. I also had to have a great deal of determination as when I decided to enter the military, I gave myself the same test the Army does every 6 months, just to see where my physical fitness was. In the Army we have to do 2 minutes of push-ups and sit-ups, and do a 2 mile run. All three events had a minimal amount of push-up, sit-ups, and run the 2 mile in. Well on my initial test I scored a only half of the minimal on the push-ups and sit-ups, and could only run a mile in the minimal amount of time allowed for the 2 miles time. I almost gave up on my dream to be in the Army after the test. I researched a workout routine and stuck with it. I ended up being able to pass the test before even going to basic

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