Nutrition In Adolescence Essay

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Nutrition in Adolescence Adolescence is the stage in life between the ages of eleven and twenty-one. The early stages of adolescence is started by puberty which is the process from being a child to becoming a adult. Females start puberty earlier than males according to the book females start around the ages ten to eleven years old, and males start puberty usually between the ages of twelve to thirteen. A growth spurt usually occurs rapidly for two to two and a half years and then adolescences slow down and growth is not a frequent or fast. During the adolescence stage with pubertal development adolescence gain around twenty percent of adult height and around fifty percent of there ideal adult weight. Females also gain more fat under the skin then males, and males gain a greater increase in bone mass and muscle mass. Nutrition during adolescence is key to the development of the person and plays a major role in the growth not only physically but also mentally. According to the text book “energy requirements for adolescence vary greatly depending on gender, body composition, level of physical activity, and current rate of growth. The highest levels of nutrients are for individuals growing at the fastest rate” (487). Males during adolescence need more kcalories, protein, zinc, and magnesium for muscle and bone growth than females need. Females need increased iron due to the process of menstruation they undergo during adolescence. Calcium is the most important source needed for adolescence because calcium makes up there bone mass, and half of there bone mass is built during this time in there life. There are three nutrients that children and adolescence are not getting enough of, Vitamin E, potassium, and fiber. A good example of Vitamin E would be eggs, vegetable oil, and nuts and seeds. Potassium would be oranges, grapefruits, and bananas, and

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