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Case Study - Marco Marco’s Nutrients Consumption Compared with Dietary Reference Intakes 1. Dietary Reference Intakes for fiber, iron, calcium, sodium, and vitamin A For a 28-year-old male like Marco, Reports from Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI) provides the following recommended adequate intakes (AI) or Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDI): 38 g of fiber per day, 8 mg of iron per day, 1,000 mg of calcium per day, 1.5 g of sodium per day, and 900 µg of vitamin A per day. The tolerable upper limit (UL) per day is 45 mg of iron, 2,500 mg of calcium, 2.3g of sodium and 3,000 µg of vitamin A for a man of Marco’s age. (Dietary Reference Intakes) 2. Nutrients Marco actually consumed per day Table – 1 shows how much each of the five nutrients – fiber, iron, calcium, sodium, and Vitamin A is contained in each food Marco consumed on the given day and the total amounts calculated in accordance to Health Canada publications - Nutrient Value of Some Common Foods. 3. Comparison Marco’s fiber consumption is only half the amount of the recommended fiber intakes per day. His consumption of iron and vitamin A approximate the recommended adequate intakes. Marco’s calcium intake is about 51.2% more than the recommendations, but it is still lower than the upper limit of 2,500 mg per day that DRI gives. However, sodium consumption of 3,095 mg is 34.6% more than the upper limit of 2,300 mg per day which may raise a health issue. Table–1 The amount of five nutrients Marco consumes each day Fiber(g) Iron(mg) Calcium(mg) Sodium(mg) Vitamin A(µg) Breakfast 2 plain pancakes (from a mix) 0.8 0.8 72.0 360.0 0.0 3 tsp (45 ml) maple syrup 0.0 0.6 66.0 6.0 0.0 ½ grapefruit 2.0 0.1 27.0 0.0 71.0 1 cup (250 ml) 2% milk 0.0 0.1 302.0 106.0 142.0 Lunch 1 cheese sandwich -2 slices whole wheat bread 4.8 1.2 25.0 284.0 0.0 -2 oz. (60g) cheddar cheese 0.0 0.4

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