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Endocrine System Lab Report Regulation of Blood Glucose Experiment Performed on 02/12/2013 Physiology 215 1 This experiment tested the regulation of blood glucose comparing results from the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) between two groups. The control group consisted of nine fasting subjects given approximately 296 ml of water at Time 0:00. This group excluded two subjects, one due to not fasting for a minimum of eight hours prior to the experiment and the other due to pregnancy. The experimental group consisted of 11 fasting subjects given 296 ml of Trutol 75, a glucose tolerance beverage containing 75.0 grams of dextrose at Time 0:00. This group excluded one subject due to not fasting for a minimum of eight hours prior to the experiment. The experiment tested urine and blood samples every 30 minutes for two hours using Diastix reagent strips and a glucometer respectively. Results Figure 1 shows the average measurements of blood glucose levels at 30-minute intervals for two hours. For the experimental group, consuming 75.0 grams of dextrose increased blood glucose levels to 144.0 mg/dl after 30 minutes, an average increase of 55.3 mg/dl. Blood glucose levels then slowly declined for each successive measurement. Levels decreased an additional 25.1 mg/dl to 118.9 mg/dl at the 60 minutes measurement, 3.3 mg/dl to 115.6 mg/dl at 90 minutes, and 14.6 mg/dl to 101.0 mg/dl at 120 minutes. At the two-hour measurement, the blood glucose level was 12.3 mg/dl over the baseline measurement of 88.7 mg/dl. For the control group, consuming 296 ml of water did not greatly affect blood glucose levels. The trend was a slight decline from the baseline measurement of 99.0 mg/dl to the two-hour measurement of 89.4 mg/dl. There was a larger drop in blood glucose at 90 minutes, but the overall trend was a slight decrease in blood glucose from initial to final measurements.

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