Ntt 110 Research Paper 1 Network Attached Storage

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| NT110 | Unit 6 Research Paper 1 Network Attached Storage | | | 7/30/2013 | | Network- attached storage device or NAS is basically a small scale server used for storing data and file sharing. It allows more hard disk storage space to be added to a network that already utilizes servers without shutting them down for maintenance and upgrades. It is often referred to as a computer appliance. They can be purchased or can be built by using an old computer and spare parts. The speed of a NAS varies depending on the unit you have but are typically one gigabit with an Ethernet connection. This can be changed to run with 10 gigabit by adding a PCI-e network card making a fiber optic connection. A NAS made with an old computer may be limited to a 10/100 megabit speed connection. Capacity range in a NAS also varies depending on the unit you have, most store bought NAS devices comes with 1TaraByte to 4TaraBytes of storage capacity. The units that have more than 1 Terabyte uses multiple hard drives. For example the 4 Terabyte NAS device has 4- 1TeraByte hard drives installed. If you build your own it would depend on how many hard drives you install in the device and the storage capacity of the hard drives used. NAS devices with multiple hard drives use RAID or redundant array of independent disks. This allows the multiple hard drives to work together as one larger storage device. The data is replicated on to all of the drives installed so in case one fails the data isn’t lost this is called fault tolerance. When you purchase your NAS device it comes with management software. There is also many other additional types of software available on the market for NAS devices. This software is used to manage your devices space allocation, manage and configure RAID, control storage behaviors, and perform routine maintenance. A NAS device is a

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