Nt1110 Unit 6 Reasearch Paper 1

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Paula Hart NT1110 Computer Structure and Logic Unit 6 Research Paper 1: Network Attached Storage Part 1 What is a NAS Device? * A network attached storage (NAS) is a hard disk storage device that is used for file sharing. It does not do any of the activities that a server typically does, like email. What is the speed of the network adapter available on a NAS device? * It depends of the NAS device, newer ones have GB Ethernet. It can be anywhere from 1 GB up to 10 GB. What is the capacity range? * Depending on the content of what you plan to store it can go all the way up to multiple terabytes (TB). With add on hardware there really isn’t a limit on range. Is there any fault tolerance (such as RAID) built into a NAS device? * RAID (Redundant Array of independent Discs) is usually built into the NAS device. This is simply a safety net for failed hardware. It ensures that the failing hardware can still operate. Are management features available? Most NAS devices come with a management interface that typically provides a means to configure a NAS device. But there are many management options to choose from. Part 2 I believe it is best to store your photos on a NAS device simply to ensure you don’t lose them. With a NAS device that is connected to your router you or your family can always access the photos. You can also share with friends. Since this is not connected directly to your hard drive you have separate storage and all your personal photos are secure if anything happens to your hard

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