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Intro to Personal Computers - TB143J Unit 6 Research Paper 1: Network Attach Storage Explanation of Network Attach Storage device A Network Attach Storage device is a server that is dedicated to file sharing only without the use of fully-functional operating system. This type of server, which is a single hardware device follows the client/server design and allows data access/retrieval by clients. Network Attach Storage is often a specialized computer built from the ground up for storing and serving files across a network that usually already utilizes servers but does not require maintenance and upgrades. What is the speed of the network adapter available on a NAS device? Speed may vary depending upon how relatively new or old the device is. Such devices may have speeds of 1gb with an Ethernet connection but can be upgraded to 10gb when using fiber optic by adding a PCIe network card. What is the capacity range? The capacity on one of these devices varies as well and is determined by how much data needs to be stored. Some of these machines may be just under 2TB or up to 40TB. With port replication and add-on hardware drive controller cards there really isn’t a limit on storage capacity. Is there any fault tolerance (such as RAID) built into a NAS device? RAID 50 is fairly stable if set-up correctly but RAID 10 has been declared as one of the best setups because even if more drives fail at one time there will be no data loss. Are management features available? Management software features are available for Network Attach Devices and because of this feature one can automate routine management tasks that would otherwise demand manual attention so this provides the flexibility that users can truly appreciate. Reasons for utilizing a Network Attach Storage Device A NAS device has a processor and uses its own operating system for storing and sharing photos,

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