Moral Viewpoint in Tom Jones

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1 Anatomy of a Digital Computer 1.1 Introduction We should keep in mind that a computer is a programmable machine. The two main characteristics of a computer are: (i) it responds to a specific set of instructions in a well-defined manner. (ii) It can execute a pre-recorded list of instructions (a program). Modern computers are electronic and digital. The actual machinery - wires, transistors and circuits is called hardware; the instructions and data are called software. All general purpose computers require the following hardware components: (i) Central Processing Unit (CPU): The ‘brain’ of the computer, the component that actually executes instructions. (ii) Memory : It enables a computer to store, at least temporarily, data and programs. (iii) Input device : Usually a keyboard or mouse is used to read data and programs into the computer. (iv) Output device: A display screen, printer, etc. that lets you see what the computer has accomplished. (v) Mass storage device: It allows a computer to permanently store large amounts of data. Common mass storage devices include disk drive and tape drive. In addition to these components, many others make it possible for the basic components of a computer to work together efficiently. 2 :: Certificate in Computer Science 1.2 Objectives After going through this lesson, you will be in a position to: identify the basic components of a computer and their working explain the importance of various units of a computer learn how these units work together to accomplish a given job 1.3 Functions and Components of a Computer To function properly, the computer needs both hardware and software. Hardware consists of the mechanical and electronic devices, which we can see and touch. The software consists of programs, the operating system and the data that reside in the memory and storage devices. A computer does mainly the

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