Not All Parents Are Good Parents Essay

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There are some people that should not be parents for various reasons. Many of them can not look after their children properly or can not provide the right needs of their children’s upbringing and growth. Some people should not be parents because they might not be able to raise their child in the appropriate manner. This might be the case, or it might be because they are bad role models. Either way they are bad influences to their children. The children if raised by their parents would live a very hard life. They might miss out on this and then they might miss out on that. They could be teased until they are pushed to their bursting point. These kids are the ones that are more likely to run away from home or take drugs and this is all going to be blamed onto their parents for not raising them up correctly. Many parents do not discipline their child in the correct manner. They may smack or spank their child or even whip them. This should not be necessary and they as parents should not be going to this extent. They should learn that physically punishing their child does not make the child understand what they have done wrong. They should time out their kid or ground them. The parents also need to make sure they talk to their child just to make sure they fully understand what they have done. If the parents want to have children and also want to raise them by themselves, they should at least try to change their habits. They could even go and take parenting classes designed to help those who need some training. This would teach them the basics of parenting. It may even teach them how to correctly discipline their child. This would really improve their parenting skills. Some parents should not be parents for many reasons, but with help

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