The Noose Essay

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The documentary opens with the 1935 lynching of Reuben Stacy in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It then features recent instances involving the noose in various parts of the United States. This shows the producers point to relate these events and make the audience see the racial meaning of the noose in America. They want the public to realize that hanging a noose is not just a prank but is a really offending act among African-American because of the lynchings during the Reconstruction in the U.S. This movie reveals a sign of regress of our society because, most lynching incidents in America which occurred in public spaces and were usually the result of rape allegations involving black male supposedly assailants and white women who were purportedly their victims has not been seeing as a pure act of cruelty and hated from white supremacist calling for “justice”. A proof of this is that today, the noose appears in secluded areas such as school grounds and workplaces (Hyde Turner tragedy at work Conrald, Texas) as a result of racial tension in the U.S. Years after the Civil Right Movement, the battle for respect among all people regardless of the color of their skins and the end of racist organization or movement is far from over. A change has been operated but it is not enough to prevent such actions in the first democratic country of the world. In my opinion, the fact CNN host Kyra Phillips emphasize the importance that “youth people understand the horrors of the noose.” shows that American youth today are more sensitive about racial violence than previous generations of Americans. The essential reasons is because these major racial acts of violence occurred in the past so we should now be able to look at it from a clear, reasonably coherent and tolerant point of view in order to make these events stop. Nowadays, the time of recognition of African-American sufferings
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