Civil Rights Movement Lost Direction by 1968

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“The civil rights movement lost direction by 1968” I believe that the civil rights movement did lose direction by 1968. The deaths of key figures slowed its momentum down and also events during the civil rights movement started with the intended hunt for more and better rights but they began to lose focus as time went on and were just used as excuses to cause mindless violence and destruction. One example of the change of direction of the civil rights movement is the riots. Protestors started by using simple and peaceful protests such as the march on Washington in 1963, these peaceful protests soon evolved to something much more sinister and losing focus. An example of this was the watts riots in 1965 which was spurred by the “un-justified” to some arrest of an African American citizen 21-year-old Marquette Frye. It was a six day riot in protest of unfair arrests and resulted in mass violence and destruction by not only black citizens but by whites too who had no intention in doing what they did for the sake of demanding more civil rights for blacks. Not even all the blacks who were involved were doing it for the intended purpose but did it for the hell of it. This showed a difference in intentions between such events as the watts riots and the march on Washington two years prior. Media coverage was also a major factor in showing the loss of direction. During the march on Washington the coverage showed the peacefulness of the protestors and showed them as civilized human beings whereas the coverage on the watts riots showed the brutality of black citizens and focused upon that and the masses of destruction and devastating statistics of it. This would automatically change perception on whether to take the civil rights bill as a possibility if all they do is cause uproar and destruction when something doesn’t go their way. Others may say the civil rights
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