Why Blacks Get Mad Cecil Foster Analysis

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Journal #1 Why Blacks Get Mad- Cecil Foster 1.What exactly is Celcil Foster's thesis? Cecil Foster's thesis was to get the point that racism was still a huge problem and people weren't noticing how bad it was actually getting. He mentioned that the Rodney King verdict triggered the worst outbreak of violence since the Watts riots. The Rodney King riot began because an African-American known as Rodney King was badly beaten by the Los Angeles police officers. After this problem had occurred, Rodney became the main focus for how bad race issues were. This caused the public to get angry about police brutality and racism, people went around starting fires, damaging and breaking into businesses, and of course stealing products. Not only did it start other smaller riots across the United States but it also started a minor riot in Toronto, Ontario. Eventually the government started to notice all the problems and begin to solve them. 2.Give three of Foster's examples. What are they examples of? The first example of his was when he visited Canada during the Montreal Olympics. He had come to see the Olympics and spend three weeks with his girlfriend, Glenys. When he arrived…show more content…
Effective writing is a type of writing that immediately involves the reader's interest and carries them through to the final paragraph with no loss of concentration. I think Cecil did a great job with keeping his paragraphs interesting and not too boring, he didn't but too much information but the right amount. Throughout the story he explains the point of the essay, there's emotion, examples, and history as to why blacks get mad. He doesn't just write about how bad whites treat blacks and that they're all to blame. Racism is a very touchy subject and in the end of his essay he explains that the black community does have a role to play. He's encouraging them to guide the youths to dream and believe that they can bring about
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