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Persuade that a great speech has the power to provoke thought and stir emotion despite having been delivered in a different social and historical context The AUSTRALIAN HISTORY FOR US ALL has FAITH that there comes a time when enough is enough, a HOPE that when denial and guilt overwhelm oneself so fully that RECONCILIATION can be achieved. Is the moral and political turbulence of the colonial past addressed today? And may praise be passed to those who have struggled against the “ramparts” of conservatism in Australia? In 1996 Noel Pearson addressed the Chancellor’s Club Dinner provoking the question as to whether we should use the notion of “guilt” to help evolve the “national narrative” towards a greater recognition of the injustices committed…show more content…
She is a campaigner for the rights of Indigenous Australians and South Sea Islanders. Bandler is best known for her leadership in the campaign for the 1967 referendum on Aboriginal Australians. Bandler is a native of Tumbulgum, New South Wales. A 1993 portrait of Bandler, by artist Margaret Woodward, is held by the State Library of New South Wales. Faith Bandler * Reproaches the Australian community for moving too slowly towards true reconciliation and racial equality after the quick progress made in the 1960’s. * Her real message is a positive one that talks of moving “mountains” and shows faith and hope in the future, calling for the process to quicken towards reconciliation, closing with a carpe diem type statement placing personal responsibility on all who hear the

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