Commentary On Eggs's Speech In Australia

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In passage one Eggs’ speech is spliced with the words of the other three major characters, Tom, Fi and Anglea. Tom emphasises the importance of promoting equality for people who are “born in some dead-end street - in Melbourne, or Sydney, or Afghanistan” while Eggs focuses on “a fair go for people with energy and vision”. Thus, even though they are not speaking face to face the scene takes on the feeling of a debate. Meanwhile, Fiona’s naivety is conveyed through her comment that “you girls are the future… tomorrow’s leaders who we will look to – to run things” while Tom insists that it is a “powerful and contemptuous class of men” like Eggs who are running the country. In contrast, Angela addressing her students suggests that Australia’s future is a multicultural one, as well as portrays Angela as Greek personification of multiculturalism. Eggs’ comment that “the individual is the only person who can take responsibility for his – or her – own life” is the core of his political philosophy. This extends into his personal life and is how he feels about his son, Marty’s, drug overdose. However, whether he lives by his…show more content…
“The wind is prowling with Tomcats” is relevant as the audience is now aware that Eggs has a sexual relationship with Jamie. Fiona is also called “Feeble” by Eggs, and it is clear that her nickname also represents her character to him. She is a caricature of the conservative politician’s wife. Fi insists “I want to be free of you” but in reality this is an impossibility as she depends on Eggs for financial security, her social status, and her sense of self revolves around being a wife. Finally, Eggs confesses that he understands that “not everything that troubles people’s consciences is inherently wrong” which suggests he does not believe that the refugees desire to come to Australia is wrong, but he pretends that they are in order to gain the support of majority of

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