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Goodman Brown Looses His Faith The story of Goodman Brown begins with a sad goodbye between the young man and his wife, Faith, as he prepares to embark on what he believes is a necessary journey. His Loving wife tries to convince him not to travel on this journey, but he begins his journey anyway, believing he can overcome any obstacles that stand in his way. Nathaniel Hawthorne uses symbolism in several ways and also incorporates several themes throughout the story. The most prominent theme that can be seen when reading the story is that of good versus evil and the loss of faith. When Goodman Brown begins his journey, he leaves his loving wife being a good Christian man. When he leaves his wife, Faith, the author is using a double meaning stating that he is literally leaving his wife and he is leaving his faith in God behind (53). Goodman Brown states “she’s a blessed angel on earth; and after this one night, I’ll cling to her skirts and follow her to Heaven” (53). It is interpreted by the reader as Faith literally being an angel from Heaven trying to convince Goodman Brown not to follow down the path of evil. Faith, also as a good wife, appears to know something evil is taking place and does not want Goodman Brown to participate. She is the symbol of true goodness and faith in this story. On his journey, Goodman Brown meets an old man that resembled Young Goodman Brown. The old man carried a staff that resembled a great black snake. He hands Goodman Brown the staff because the old man sees he is growing weary from his travels. The old man is being interpreted as the Devil helping Goodman Brown down the path of evil (54). The “Devil” guides him on a journey of darkness both physically and mentally. Goodman Brown travels into the woods and comes upon many obstacles. Goodman Brown tries to convince the old man that his father and

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