Imaginative Writing - The Secret River

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Selected Context: Exploring the issue of conflict between two different races. Prompt: ‘Conflict is an unavoidable part of being human.’ Explanation of decisions: I intend to write this piece in the imaginary form to capture what Sal saw and felt on the first night that her husband, William, had an encounter with an aboriginal. My recollection of the first few pages of the novel will be told from Sal’s point of view and will reveal the reasons why she wanted to leave Sydney as soon as they had enough money and Will was freed. This will also give the reason why Sal wasn’t to fussed about the aboriginal women taking her bonnet and why she would trade with them. As I felt Will loosen his grip from my arm I knew that there was something wrong. I would never let him know that I knew about the conflict that he had that night and the fright that I felt from that day forth. I heard Will take a few steps forward and could hear that tears were dropping down from his soft cheeks. Was he afraid or just feeling distraught? Never in thirty years did I hear or see my man shed a tear. I knew that there had to be something wrong with him and that something was on his mind but what was it? We usually never kept anything from each other. I slightly turned my neck, just enough so that Will couldn’t notice me, to see what the commotion was all about. I saw that Will was standing just outside our home looking into the night, but beyond him, in the dark night, I steaded my focus and could see two eyes just staring at him with a wide white grin. The anxiety I felt, for all that I knew we were dead. It was one of them, the savages, the ones that the newspaper was talking about. There could have been hundreds, thousands or even millions awaiting in the dark to attack. What did they want? What were they doing on our land? Couldn’t this just be avoided? I prayed that Will wouldn’t do

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