Nikki-Rosa’s Riches Is Family

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The central theme of “Nikki-Rosa” by Nikki Giovanni is the true riches in life is family. First, the mother-daughter bond between Nikki-Rosa and her mother shows that her biographers don’t understand that she cares more for her family than money. In lines six and seven, then line fifteen and eighteen through nineteen, Nikki describes some of the hardships she faced in her childhood. “They never talk about how happy you were to have your mother all to yourself” (lines 6 and 7). These lines prove that her biographers didn’t talk about her love for her mother, or basically her family. “your biographers never understand” (line 15). This line also proves the same things as in lines six and seven. “…though you’re poor it isn’t poverty / that concerns you” (lines 18-19). Poverty and money isn’t what matters, love and family is what matters. Secondly, Nikki was not troubled by her problems of poverty because all the meantime she was happy. Nikki says, “…they’ll never / understand that all the while I was quite happy” (lines 26-27). She also says, “how good the water felt when you got your bath from one of those big tubs that folk in Chicago barbecue in”(8-9). Although Nikki new how poor she was getting a bath from one of those tubs. It sounds like her mood was happy when she said this line. It shows that anyone can be happy even if their poor. Many families probably had to face this, but you hardly see them complaining because they know they got a family waiting for them at home. These families must have Jessica 2 been close always keeping each other entertained. I think most people would to be between all this. Like a family that has money but also have each other. Finally, Nikki was always happy with what she had because she even though her family struggled financially, there was always love. She explains how happy she was with what her family had. “… and you and

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