Cosmic Dust Poem

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"Elena! Elena! Stop! Please!" "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it." It was too late. She was gone. I could hear the engine of her car. No matter I much I tried to stop her, she wasn't going to stop this time. It was my fault. How could I have been so stupid? I shouldn't have hit her. I didn't mean it though, it just happened. How could explain that to her? She wasn't ready to listen to anything. I just needed to calm down first and think this through. She was furious and I was furious and it just happened. Fights are common between lovers. Accidents happen. It is better to forget and forgive. Elena was not very forgiving though. I was scared now. What if she never came back? No, she had to. She loves me. Elena and I had met at her sister Sarah's wedding. I was invited by the groom, my friend, Eric. Elena had enchanted me at first sight. She was beautiful, full of energy, and happy. We were introduced by Sarah and Eric. From there on, I visited Sarah and Eric often. She lived with them because she had no one else in the world and she could not afford an apartment with a bank teller's job. Also Sarah loved having her company. I would visit often just to say hi or ocassionally drop off flowers. Elena and I noticed each other. She showed some interest. One day, I asked out to dinner and she said yes. Our relationship was off to a good start. We would see other everyday. I would take her out to lunch and we would talk on for hours. We were very happy. My company was doing great. My relationship was doing great. My whole life was great. Until one day, Sarah calls me and says "Dave, we need to talk." We sat down for coffee and she seemed very angry and anxious at the same time. "Sarah, what is it? Why are you so furious?" "Dave, I have some suspicions. I think...Elena and...Eric...are having.....having an affair." I'm not sure if I had heard her right."What are you talking
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