Descriptive Essay: 'Abigail Gets Fired'

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Abigail Gets Fired This scene takes place in the Proctors home mid-day. Their kitchen can be seen from a large archway. The majority of the stage, however, is their living area. There is a fire pace off to the left and the only thing that sits on top of the mantle is a simple, wooden cross. A pot hangs from the fire place. The wood at the bottom is messily thrown underneath the pot. A simple sturdy wooden table is placed slightly to the left of center stage, simple chairs placed around it. There are some flowers in the center of the table not yet placed in a vase or pot. In the kitchen you can see the wash barrel for the dishes and a small wooden stool sits in front of the wash barrel. The overall of the room is simple and looks a little unkempt there…show more content…
I am not comfortable with her in this house any longer and even furthermore she does not do her job properly look at this house it is a mess and yet she is nowhere to be found. John: I don’t believe that is fully necessary but if that is what you want then fire her. Elizabeth: No John, I wish for you to do it, prove to me that you love me and not her. Fire her now John. John: Fine but this is it. Softening looking at the floor I want you to trust me again. But that will never happen if you constantly question and doubt me like this. Meeting her eyes again face soft and loving I just want you to love me like before. Elizabeth: John, I still love you and in due time it will be as if this never happened, you must prove yourself again. John: Ok I will do this then. Turning away from her shouting. ABIGAIL! Abigail enters. She is a young girl of 16. She looks eager that her boss has called her. once she notices Elizabeth she hardness and glares at her. Abigail: Yes? Jhon: abigail, you don't do your job properly. You are fired Abiagail: John- John: you should not talk to me so informal

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