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Newspaper Readership Among College Students Essay

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  • on October 12, 2008
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Newspaper Readership Among College Students

Newspapers face challenges every day, from facing libel suits to meeting deadlines; however, none more threatening than the decline of newspaper readership.   As the availability of news increases on an increasing variety of sources, the newspaper can become a tired old way of getting news.   However, the elite people within our population continue to rely on newspapers for information (Chan & Goldthrope, 2007).   Aren’t college students supposed to be the elite?   If college students are supposed to be the elite shouldn’t newspaper readership be high?   A college campus can be representative of the general population.   Previous studies have found that the young, like college freshmen and sophomores, read the newspaper less than the older, more educated population, like college juniors and seniors, who read the newspaper more (Jeffres, L & Atkin, D, 1996).
In general 67% of the adult public reads at least one newspaper and college graduates spend 30% to 42% more time reading a newspaper than watching television (Bogart, 1984).   While one study found that equal proportions of the population is reading newspapers and watching television, the study also found that people turn to television for high-impact stories (Bogart, 1984).   Yet, some have found that daily newspaper readership among young adults had declined significantly over the past 30 years (Atkin, D 1994; Jeffres, L & Atkin, D, 1996).   Another study found that as a habit for wanting news builds, it leaves a person with an uneasy feeling about not knowing what is going on in the world when unable to get news.   That habit continues until there is a change in the person’s routine, like moving to college (Diddi & LaRose, 2006).   That habit will form again when there is a change in the need of information, like the maturational change from college freshman to college senior (Diddi &LaRose, 2006).  
Reading is influenced by many different variables.   Some reasons for the...

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