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As unemployment numbers continue to drop, the job outlook for college grads is increasing. This comes as good news for millions of new graduates getting ready to enter to workforce t be able to get the full-time job. According to a new Gallup poll, 73% of college graduates are employed as a full-time work that making them to be the group with the highest percentage of full-time employment. Compare to American with some college education, there is only 61% and 58% of those with just a high school degree are working full time. Gallup defines workers who are “fully employed” as those employed full time for an employer or themselves and those who are working part time and not seeking a full-time position. Gallup poll says that young adults ages 18-29, minorities, women and those with lower levels of education are significantly more likely than other groups to be underemployed.…show more content…
Moreover, only 29% of employees older than 65 are working full time and 41% are satisfied with a part-time job. T he poll is based on telephone interviews conducted between Jan. 2 and Sept. 30 with approximately 160,000 adults in the U.S. who are part of the workforce. In the U.S., People who has more high education are most likely to be working as a full time for an employer with the great benefits from the companies during these difficult economic times . According to the poll, It is not surprising that women and older workers are the most likely to be working part time with no desire to work full time because of the retirement plan and raising their children with additional income and to improve their overall living . Younger workers is not getting in good jobs because they lack the experience to beat out more tenured workers for the best

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