Newspaper Article – What Is It That Girls See in Justin Bieber?

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What is it that girls see in Justin Bieber? He creates music that can only be described in one word rubbish! I myself cannot understand, why people are obsessed with someone who produces music, which sounds like a strangled cat dying a very slow and painful death! In fact how can what Justin Bieber produces be called music??? It can’t it’s just a very high pitched annoying noise, which many girls enjoy listening to, how they put up with this infernal noise which is as irritating as … on the other hand I don’t think anything could be more irritating than Justin Bieber. Secondly how can girls describe him as good looking, in my opinion he looks like a girl and in addition to that he sings like one too. As well as Justin Bieber’s music being described as a strangled cat dying a very slow and painful death, it can also be described as someone impersonating a little squeaky mouse, who thinks he can sing. In reality he can’t, but he will insist on doing so. What exactly is Justin Bieber’s aim? To produce good music that everyone loves, or simply to annoy the general public. No wonder so many people hate him. If anyone likes Justin Bieber it is for one reason and one reason only. It is because they have become possessed by him by listening to his music far too much and cannot be saved from this devil within them. It is simply brainwashing them into developing a very bad taste in music. If something isn’t done sooner or later it won’t be long before we are all possessed by the dreaded Bieber!! To conclude Justin Bieber should be shot, this may sound very cruel, but believe me in the end it will be worth it, because now the world can be saved by what can only be described as a very traumatic experience, which will scar people for
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