Brave New World Persuasive Research Paper

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English April 26, 2011 Radio Waves What does it take to be perfect? The answer to this question is far from a simple one. The definition of perfect is being thoroughly skilled or talented in a certain field or area. But that is going by the books. Everyone can have their own way of describing what perfect is and what it means to be perfect. Society today in the United States has come to be ruled by technology and the mass media, shaping and creating people’s idea of what perfect is to the rest of the world. Standards for individuals have evolved completely, because of tools that allow air brushing for that perfect complexion, or making sure any posted photos of you on facebook are what you want the world to see you as being. Social interaction has changed completely, and today’s culture can be connected to the culture that Aldous Huxley wrote in his novel, Brave New World. The society…show more content…
Soma is a way to keep a stable social atmosphere because by causing these hallucinations, people are distracted and drawn away from seeing the truth of what world reality they are living in which is miserable and controlled which would make any person miserable. The high the soma creates is like any other drug in society today and is not real but people get addicted to it because it is an escape so this happiness people think they are experiencing is fake and meaningless. Soma makes it seem like reality can’t bring happiness because it only brings hate, anger and sadness. People find themselves getting involved in an illusion because they believe it is better than what real life can offer which is really sad so even when they think they are happy they are still defeated by being sad because they are turning to drugs to make them happy which give them fake

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