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Who Is Daisy Buchanan? Daisy Buchanan, a popular, rich ,and married woman who represents love, luxury, and selfish.Born as a Louisville, Kentucky girl, she dreamed of being a care free woman. Being wealthy was the way to get there. It was a goal she was destined to meet. Who never knew getting there can be a difficult task. Daisy was a beautiful young woman who stole all the men hearts, including Jay Gatsby. Daisy represents love, giving love and being loved. From her elegance to her innocent actions, men were glued to her like a boy stuck to the television. But Daisy was a very picky girl. You can tell when she ignored all of the non wealthy, non classy men that tried to woo her. But then, the rich, handsome, elegant Jay Gatsby introduced himself to her, she couldn't have found a better person. Distracted by the present figure of Gatsby, she didn't love Gatsby, it was the image. For Gatsby, it made him believe that Daisy really fell in love with him. What she didn't know was that Gatsby was lying about himself from the…show more content…
She wanted to get what she wanted no matter who's feelings were hurt. Now she has to pick. She didn't want to loose Tom as much as she didn't want to loose Gatsby. But then, the whole situation changed when Daisy found out the truth about Gatsby, who he was never rich, he conned people for his wealth and respect. It made her lose control of the car and hit a woman. It was a hit-and-run, which Gatsby had taken the blame for. He was shot by the woman's husband and dies. Daisy never went to the funeral, but instead, decide to stay with Tom and runs of. Greed has taken the best of her.Daisy was capable of affection, but never really was loyal nor caring towards others. Daisy represents the immortality that values in the East Egg set. Greed overpowered the body of a wealthy mistress. Having no human features, Daisy lived her life dumping the unfaithful guilt in the trash.

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