Altercations In To Kill A Mockingbird

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2. Scout gets into three altercations One: Scout usually gets along well with her Uncle Jack, but when he arrives in Maycomb, she begins cursing in front of him. Jack is Atticus’s brother therefore Scout should respect him and make him feel at home, but recently she has picked up the bad habit of cursing which relates back to the disease of Maycomb. Two: Scout attacks Jem because she got angry when Jem started to lecture her on why she shouldn’t annoy Alexandra, Atticus’s sister. In the previous chapters (1-5) Atticus is always telling Scout to relax and to avoid fighting with others therefore Jem is trying to help Scout realise her mistake and change her actions. Three: Jem demands Scout to “stop pestering him” and be more like a girl…show more content…
People in Maycomb resent Atticus for defending Tom Robinson because there was still some racism lurking between the townspeople, therefore the whites of the town felt they were superior to the blacks and found Tom Robinson, a black man, unworthy of having Atticus, the county’s best lawyer, defend him. 4. Scout and Jem perceive their father as caring and supportive because he is always advising his children to do what is best and to have proper manners. They also think of their father as brave because even though everyone is against their father’s decision to defend Tom Robinson, Atticus stayed strong and never changed his decision. Lastly, Scout and Jem perceive their father as a strong and accurate person when he shot the dog with the first try. 5. When Atticus killed a violent dog with one shot it caused the children to think differently about their father. Before they used to think of him as an old, poor man but now they discover that their dad was once known as "one-shot Finch" which means he was the best shot in the county. Atticus’s figure increased greatly in their eyes after this event. 6. It is a sin to kill a mockingbird because mockingbirds do not harm anyone; they only create beautiful music to please others, therefore to kill it would be killing a guiltless creature that has only tried to serve
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