Newcorp Legal Encounters: In Violation?

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Newcorp Legal Encounters: In violation? Legal Encounter #1 Pat Grey started off on the wrong foot by expressing himself at a school board meeting. After the meeting management had been “noticeably unfriendly.” Although Pat has freedom of speech and simply expressed his opinion he must realize as an agent to Newcorp. The relationship is fiduciary in which the agent must act in the principal’s best interests (Jennings, 2006). Even though the principal is undisclosed the agent must possess a form of loyalty and his opinion may not have represented the company well. Pat invested in Newcorp by relocating his family, sold his home, wife left her job, and children would start a new school to be part of Newcorp. After three months Pat’s boss…show more content…
The first problem is Sam getting involved with an employee. The relationship can cause favoritism at times and lack of proper managing. The relationship is a set up for some type of discrimination and harassment. Sexual harassment is a major issue in the workplace. Title VII is the basis for discrimination law and judicial decisions….its basic purpose is to prohibit discrimination in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin (Jennings, 2006). After the relationship was over Paula asked for a transfer since Sam continually sexually harassed her. Sam refused the transfer stating the chemicals could harm an early fetus. Paula is not pregnant which is sexual discrimination. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1974, which defined “sex” discrimination to include discrimination on the basis of pregnancy and child birth (Jennings, 2006). Because Paula is not pregnant, she has the right under the Equal Employment Opportunity and cannot can not be treated less equally which would be disparate treatment. Management should grant the transfer, make sure Paula is aware of the chemicals in case she does get pregnant and place Sam on probation excluding him from being around Paula. If his action occurs or he continually harasses Paula, Sam should lose his job to prevent the harassment from going to court. Newcorp would face the charges and pay Paula if she wins the case in…show more content…
His job as a senior maintenance technician is to upkeep all equipment for Newcorp. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has the purpose to assure so far as possible every working man and woman in the antion safe and healthful working conditions and to preserve our human resources (Jennings, 2006). Businesses are covered by OSHA as long as the company employs one or more employees who affect commerce (Jennings, 2006). Paul’s complaint to OSHA saying the work is too confining and dangerous. Paul refuses to work because the noise and vibration is irritating and he because his claustrophobia prevents him working in enclosed areas. The safety manager deemed the work area safe but Newcorp should have the area inspected by OSHA to make sure compliance is in order. If OSHA deems it safe it prevents Paul from making a case in

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