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Ethical Consideration Project Over the years, Catholic hospitals have dealt with the issue of referring, prescribing, talking or providing any type of contraceptives to rape victims. The ethical consideration of this issue is whether or not is it ethical to deny a patient of contraceptives after she has been rape, just to protect an embryo that might or might not be there because of religious beliefs? The case of Brownfield v. Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital, illustrates this problem. In 1989 the plaintiff was taken to the Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital after she had been rape. She requested information about the morning-after pill and was denied such information being that the hospital was Catholic. In addition, she was never told that in order for the pill to be effective she would have to take it within 72 hours (Ascension Health, 2007). For a rape victim this is a huge issue, is not enough that her innocence was taken, but the choice of deciding whether or not she would want to keep an unwanted child. Furthermore, she would have to conduct an abortion because the hospital staff denied her of her rights, leaving her with the guilt of killing that child and being raped. Legally, hospitals and staff should do what is in the patient’s best interest. According to Smugar, Spina and Merz (2000), “a physician who does not inform a rape victim of her options to help avoid pregnancy violated the obligation to act in her best interest and violates her right to give an informed consent to treatment.” Thus, violating the patient’s right to autonomy; referring to the right of a person to choose their own plan of action, and justice; the right of treating every patient in a fairly manner and giving them all the information needed for them to make an adequate decision. However, if these rights were to be denied for any reason, then justice has been violated (Bodenheimer and

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