Jdt2 Task 1

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JDT2 Task 1 TO: CEO FROM: Jennifer Johnson DATE: 1/27/14 SUBJECT: Constructive Discharge Claim by Former Employee At the beginning of 2014, a new policy was implemented that required shift workers to work 4 – 12 hour days and then be off 4 days. With the new policy, the employee would work the 4-12 hour days required regardless of whether the day fell on a holiday or religious day. The employee in question quit due to being forced to work on a religious holy day. The employee is stating that the new schedule implemented by XYZ Toys made it impossible for her to continue working because she would have to work on Sundays. Due to her religious beliefs, the employee felt she was discriminated against and, therefore, was forced to resign. The employee feels that she should receive unemployment claiming constructive discharge. According to Wikipedia.com (2014), “Constructive discharge occurs when an employee resigns because their employer’s behavior has become so intolerable or heinous or made life so difficult that the employee has no choice but to resign.” The question at hand is whether or not the employee can support that she was forced to work under “intolerable conditions”. If the employee made XYZ Toys aware of her religious beliefs and XYZ was not able to accommodate, this may be grounds for constructive discharge. B. The employee is claiming constructive discharge because she feels that her rights were violated based on Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which states: ”The law makes it illegal to discriminate against someone on the bases of race, color, religion, national origin or sex. This law also requires that employers reasonably accommodate applicants’ and employees’ sincerely held religious practices, unless doing so would impose an undue hardship on the operation of the employer’s
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