New England Vs. Chesapeake

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Both New England and Chesapeake were as if they were two completely different countries without an idea to both agree on. First of all, what contrasted both estates was in New England the concern was over family, much rather than making a profit. Although, in New England their were conflicts with the Native Americans and Puritans, the Puritans and Pilgrims, Anne Hutchinson, the Pequot wars, King Philip’s war, and the Salem Witch trials; conflicts such like the wars going on in New England happen nowadays with the United States having issues with Arizona Immigration laws and the laws folks create in the small towns. So, war is nothing new. However, what was distinct between the Chesapeake region and New England was in the Chesapeake region family wasn’t much of necessity as duplicating some green. In the Chesapeake region their issues were Catholics, gender imbalance (being a 6:1 ration with men to women), indentured servants, Anglican church, farms and plantations leading to be the slavery generation. In order for both regions, the New England and Chesapeake, to prosper both had to have a settlement different to one another in order to achieve their goals. Ironically, both regions came to America to look for freedom, but both make laws narrowing down freedom rights of anyone not an Englishman. Exactly, why is freedom achieved only for Englishmen and not women or anyone else not of the European race? How is this considered freedom? Is this how the difference in development occurred? First off, in New England Calvinism (created by John Calvin) was the people’s fate already predetermined, causing control of the people, and some wanting to break away from the church. The biggest difference causing the Pilgrims versus the Puritans, was the Pilgrims wanted a complete separation from the Church of England, and the Puritans on the other hand. So freedom of religion wasn’t
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