Persuasive Essay on Church and State

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Why would past rulers or governors try to mix church and state together? Church and state are separate and should say separate. I don’t know why in the past the government has taken over the church. We don’t want history to repeat itself. Also, the government could offend migrants if they are in control of the church and religion. Finally, we should practice what the bible says, and the bible definitely doesn’t say to pray in public through government. We should never mix church and state together, it creates so much tension. Just think how many migrants who come from different countries and different cultures and religions, if the government controlled the church they might not even let them come the U.S. so that would cause just devastating tension, and it could lead to World War III. How many times in the history of everything that things repeat themselves, many. This is because people don’t learn from their mistakes. This is very true in this situation. When Constantine I was a ruler, he ruled government and church (Yahoo). That did not turn out that good. Even though they were the main religion, they weren’t controlling anything, Constantine loved being in charge of everything, playing are religion like little puppets. I think know that church is getting way to public and God doesn’t want public Now moving into God and the bible’s perspective on things. Here is a quote directly from Exodus 20:1, NIV, and “You shall have no other gods before me”. And I interrupt this not only as just other gods, but also things that hinder our religion. We do need to accept other and love other’s but not to turn against God’s laws and plans for us. Also, with the Declaration of Independence says from the first amendment that the government will make no law about making a new religion. So, even the bible and the First Amendment says they should be separate.
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