Explain How The Discovery Of America's Greatly Changed The World

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The discovery of the America’s greatly changed the world prior to 1492 and after 1648. The impact of the America’s being discovered caused thousands and thousands of people to flee their homeland in search for rich land. This huge wave of people fleeing caused many positive and very negative effects to the worlds during this time period. The statements above are without a doubt true, but documentation is very rare to this time period and causes a lot of inaccuracies in other information and key events on this time period. If there would be more documentation such as written books, soldier’s life logs, and important documentation of battles, etc. on this period of important history, there would be more information to show, that the statements…show more content…
This allowed the worlds to have more trade and the people to have more variety and things to eat. Lastly, another important effect is that farm land is much more common since people are now farming the newly discovered land. The amount of calories per hectare or 100 acres has greatly increased, as stated in document 8, which is helpful to nourish people and expand trade. All these things greatly helped civilization and the worlds at this time period. The negative and deadly effects of the discovery of the Americas were undoubtedly costly to civilizations and worlds, as I will state in the following paragraphs. “… Faith in Christ had spread over the entire earth through… the Apostles:” (Guicciardini Document 1). This brought wide spread confusion and negative outlook on the wave of voyagers to civilization. Europeans and Italians, who were leaving their homeland going to the new land, said they would spread Christianity to the worlds. This statement contradicted that the Apostles were supposed to spread the Christian faith across the world not by voyagers and shouldn’t be done by them. This makes people angry by going against what the Bible had already done. A very descriptive and terrible quote is,
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