Never Cry Wolf

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Never Cry Wolf What does Tyler discover about the diet of wolves? Never Cry Wolf is an American drama film based on Farley Mowat's autobiography of the same name. The film is about a Government agency investigation of the caribou population, which is initiated because of a belief that wolves are killing those reindeers. The government sends a young biologist named Tyler Smith “to travel to the Arctic, track down a pack of wolves and observe their behavior in detail to prepare a biological report which would scientifically justify extermination of Canis lupus (the wolf)” (Summarized from film Never Cry Wolf, Walt Disney Productions, director: Carroll Ballard, 1983.) . Tyler “is dropped alone onto the frozen tundra, where he begins his mission to live among the howling wolf packs and study their waves” ( Because he is without any survival skills and unsure of where to go and start, his adventure almost ends before it even begins. He is attacked by wolves, but fortunately a travelling Inuit named Ootek sees and rescues him. At first, Tyler just tries to survive in unknown environment. He is really scared, so at nights he dreams of how wolves are attacking him. Contact with Tyler’s quarry comes quickly – he notices two wolves. In his notebook, he names them George and Angeline. They have pups and observe Tyler’s behavior just like he observes theirs. He studies the animals day by day and he is more and more enthusiastic about them. The wolves are surprisingly very patient, Tyler becomes the object of their attention and they accept him in their environment. They both accept each other’s boundaries; they indicate that when they mark their territories with urine - this is for Tyler much harder than for “George”. The result is trust and respect between them. Consequently, one sunny day, Tyler

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