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Artic Wolf The Arctic Wolf is a mammal which part of the Canidae family who are carnivores. Their scientific name is “Canis lupus arctos”, and they are also called the Polar Wolf or the White Wolf. They are the subspecies of the Grey Wolf. They are found in polar and icy conditions, countries such as Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Russia and Scandinavia. Their lifespan is 7 years, in captivity, it is 20 years. Their average weight 23-80 kilograms, varying in age. Their body lengths are 87-130 cm also varying in age. Their breeding seasons are from January to March. The Arctic wolves are the prey of the Grey wolf and coyotes. The Artic Wolf’s behaviour is very headstrong and bold. They can endure the Arctic weather conditions with the help of their deeply insulated pale white fur. They are capable of surviving for years in sub-zero temperatures and for five months, each year, they live in pitch darkness. Arctic Wolves travel in approximately 20 wolves per pack and each pack deliberately tries to avoid other packs. They live in small groups, including the breeding couple and the pups, they work together to take care of their little pups. Lone wolves are usually young males who have left their territories to start their new packs. When a female wolf is pregnant, she leaves the icy conditions if they are extreme and she settles in a cave or den. When Arctic wolves hunt, they hunt in packs and they share their food together. They are very protective of their food. They aren’t extremely fast runners so they depend on stamina when hunting. They eat meat, such as: aribou, muskoxen, arctic hares, seals, ptarmigan, lemmings, and waterfowl; they also eat rodents sometimes. Their prey is sparsely located so they have to travel far to get their food. They barely chew food, they swallow chunks of meat; adult wolves have 42 teeth, they use those as weapons when hunting. After 63

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