Negative Effects Of North American Exploration

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Maxwell Marcus European Exploration It could be said that European exploration was a good or a bad thing, but that depends on who it is good or bad for. North America seems to be the place that was affected the most in the long run. This means that it is only logical to find out whether exploration was positive or negative for North America. Once again this can be weighted in either direction, but overall, European exploration was a more positive thing, than a negative. The “big picture” is what really must be taken into consideration and that means the outcome must be more…show more content…
The Native Americans seemed weird to the Europeans, as did their customs. At first, the Natives were in awe of the guns, horses, and unheard of things, but they did not know that the Europeans were not there to make friends. The Europeans had brought diseases that would wipe out thousands of Natives. At first glance people think that this is just a bad thing, but this disease had delayed overpopulation and removed extreme conflict. The Europeans introduced Natives to new things, such as firearms, metals, foods, and horses which became a large part of Native American culture. In return, Europe obtained many new animals, food, and resources. Soon enough though, North America Marcus 2 had become an open door to the transatlantic slave trade. As the transatlantic slave trade became more eminent, more and more people moved to North America, and soon led to the creation to the term “Americans”. Eventually, though, the slave trade would result in North America being more culturally diverse. Slowly but surely North America started to branch of from Europe, and carry its

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