Political and Ideological Changes in 18 Th Century for European Society

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Which do you think was more important in changing European society during the late 18th century and early 19th century: economic/technological changes or political/ideological changes? Societies are exposed to changing over time. The reasons of these changing are economic, technological, political and ideological etc. These changing are affected each other and then the new changes are produced. In late 18th century and 19th century, significant changes like industrialization, new social classes and some movement of thoughts took place in Europe. In my opinion economical and technological changes were more important than political and ideological changes. Because economic and technological changes were reason of ideological and political changes. Economic and technological changes affected to lifestyle in Europe so it required to some ideological and political changes. Firstly, In late 18th century and 19th century, industrialization was very significant. It led to disrupt the balance. Human force took a back seat and machines started to be more important, in other words “the key to industrialization was the replacement of muscle with machine” (121.KGO'B.vol II.Ch 21.Industrial Europe p: 671). Before industrialization, production depended on human force. People deal with agriculture but “although they worked hard to ensure their subsistence, they had little desire to create a surplus” (121.KGO'B.vol II.Ch 21.Industrial Europe p: 674). So they made a big effort but they didn’t receive recompense for one’s work enough. However, after the industrial revolution thanks to machine people started to make little effort and create more surpluses so it leads to increasing surplus and more raw materials required. To my way of thinking political changes are affected by industrial revolution. For example, imperialism and quest for raw materials had a

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